A New Site, Some News, Etc...

What's good!

It's been a long while since we've made any posts to There's a reason (a pretty dumb reason), but it is the reason nonetheless...
Here we go - the previous site was built in Wordpress, evidently there was a plug-in that fell out of update & I was locked out of the login section of the site, smh. So the last website post was in February 2015. I tried & tried to sort out the issue, & with no help from Wordpress, we had to completely scrap the site & start over from scratch. Obviously, there is a 2 year gap in our discography, etc, so I'll be working to fill in those gaps (as well as tightening up any loose ends around the site). I really just wanted to get it back up & properly running immediately.

I dig the new layout, I think that it is clean (plus it's responsive now, so that's much better) - drop us a line & tell us what you think!

Ths is old news to some, but since I wasn't able to update the site (I guess that I should at least write it)... At the top of 2016 we moved to South Charlotte. We jumped right in to working on some awesome records in the new space & I can't wait for you to hear these sounds. The new rooms are awesome & the work has been better than ever - Seriously!!!

We're also planning some workshop events & open houses in the very near future that we're very excited about (more news about that coming very soon). 

Anyway, enjoy the new & I promise that it will be regularly updated this time!

See ya soon /// let's make some noise.