DDA DMR12 56 channel / 12 bus / 8 aux sends / full 4-band eq on all 56 discrete inputs & groups
Soundtracs Megas Studio 32 channel / 24 bus / 6 aux sends / full 4-band eq on all 32 discrete inputs / 2-band eq on groups
Comprehensive TT patchbay & all cabling by Mogami

Computers / Hardware / Recorders
(1) custom-built Quad-Core Intel i7; 8GB DDR4 2133MHz DDRAM
(1) iMac 2.7GHz Quad-Core Intel i5; 8GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM
(1) Asus Quad-Core Intel 2.30GHZ i7; 16GB DDR3 1600MHz DDRAM
(1) Microboards Copywriter CD/DVD 11-target tower
Apogee conversion w/ Big Ben master clock

Pro Tools 10 by Avid
Logic Pro X by Apple
Samplitude Pro X3 by Magix
Reason 9 by Propellerhead + tons of cool Refills
Celemony Melodyne Editor 4 pitch & time correction
Slate Digital Bundle
Soundtoys 5
+ Far too many plug-ins to mention (I'm starting to really narrow them down a bit though for 2017) & a ridiculous drum & sound library

Tannoy Reveal’s *original passive model
JBL 4328’s *active
Oz Audio Q-Mix HM-6 headphone distribution
(4) AKG K141m headphones
(1) AKG K240m headphones
(6) Audio Technica M30 headphones
(1) Direct Sound EX25 Extreme Isolation headphones

(1) AKG c414 BTLII multi-pattern condenser
(1) AKG D112 cardioid dynamic
(2) Audio Technica atm4050cm5 multi-pattern condenser
(2) Audio Technica atm4033 cardioid condenser
(2) Audio Technica atm450 cardioid condenser
(2) Behringer ECM8000 omni reference condenser
(1) CAD Trion 7000 ribbon
(1) Electro Voice 635a/b omni dynamic
(1) Electro Voice RE11 super-cardioid dynamic
(1) Electro Voice RE16 super-cardioid dynamic
(1) Electro Voice RE18 super-cardioid dynamic
(2) Electro Voice RE20 cardioid dynamic
(1) Groove Tubes GT33 fet cardioid w/hypercardioid & omni capsules
(2) Groove Tubes GT44 tube cardioid w/hypercardioid & omni capsules
(2) Neumann KM184 cardioid condenser
(1) Neumann TLM103 cardioid condenser
(1) Neumann U87 multi-pattern condenser
(2) Oktava mk012 condensers w/cardioid, hypercardioid & omni capsules
(2) Oktava mk219 cardioid condenser w/ custom Michael Joly mods
(1) Oktava mk319 cardioid condenser w/ custom Michael Joly mods
(2) RFT/Gefell pm750 cardioid condenser
(1) Sennheiser e602II cardioid dynamic
(4) Sennheiser md421 II cardioid dynamic
(2) Shure Beta 52 supercardioid dynamic
(3) Shure 57 cardioid dynamic
(1) Shure 404B omni dynamic
(1) Telefunken D11c cardioid dynamic
various other oddites (K-micro's, military mics, hand fashioned “sub-kick” mics, etc…)

Signal Processing
(1) Alesis Bitrman stereo multi-effect
(1) API 500 Series Lunch Box
(1) Arion MOC-1 octave pedal
(1) Arion SAD-3 delay pedal
(1) Applied Research and Technology Pro VLA stereo vactrol compressor
(1) Ashly CL-50 mono compressor
(2) Ashly CL-50e mono compressor
(1) Ashly SC-50 mono compressor
(1) Ashly SC-66a stereo parametric EQ
(1) Audion PS 3010 stereo compressor
(1) Avalon VT-737sp tube mic preamp/compressor/eq
(1) CBS Labs Volumax 400 broadcast limiter
(2) dbx 160xt mono compressor
(1) Deltalab ADM 256 digital delay
(1) Digitech S200 digital stereo multi-effect (I know... kinda crappy - but there's 2 reverbs in this box that I love)
(1) Drawmer DL241 dual-channel compressor/limiter/gate
(1) Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah pedal
(1) Electrix EQ Killer stereo parametric EQ
(1) Electrix Filter Queen stereo filter
(1) Electrix MO-FX stereo multi-effect
(1) Electro Hamonix Bassballs filter pedal
(1) Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff distortion pedal
(1) Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth pedal
(1) Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI distortion pedal
(1) Electro Harmonix Q-Tron envelope filter pedal
(2) Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor mono compressor/limiter
(1) Ensoniq DP/4 stereo multi-effect
(1) Fairchild 664 mono passive EQ
(1) Federal Television Co./U.S. Army Signal Corps AM-864/U mono vari-MU tube limiter w/ custom mods by Rob Preston @ RFI Audio
(1) Fostex 3180 stereo spring reverb
(1) Heil Talkbox (Roger Troutman…need I say more?)
(1) Maestro Echoplex EP-3 tape delay
(1) Moog MF-104Z Moogerfooger analog delay
(1) Moog MF-107 Moogerfooger FreqBox
(1) Morley / Tel-Ray Power Wah pedal
(2) Moseley Associates TFL-280 mono limiter
(1) MXR m108 Graphic EQ pedal
(1) MXR m120 Auto Q filter pedal
(1) MXR Phase 90 phaser pedal
(1) Orban 622a mono parametric EQ
(1) Radial X-AMP Reamp
(2) Symetrix CL-150 mono compressor
(1) Symetrix 501 mono compressor/limiter
(1) TC Electronic D-Two stereo digital delay
(1) TOA 310d digital delay
(1) UA 2-610 dual-channel tube mic preamp
(2) Ward Beck Systems 470a Class A transformer-coupled custom mic preamps by Dave Thomas (Dr. Beck) @ Advanced Audio
(2) Yamaha PM1000 Class A fully discrete custom mic preamps by Scott Helmke

Studio Instruments
(1) Akai MPC Renaissance drum machine/sampler
(1) Ampeg SVT-2 Pro bass head
(1) Ampeg Classic SVT-410 hlf 4 x 10″ bass cabinet
(1) Arp Solus analog synth
(1) Emenez Industries 37 key “tabletop” toy organ
(1) Epiphone Valve Jr. Head guitar amp
(1) Fender “Custom” Vibrolux Reverb 2 x 10″ combo amp
(1) Fender Pro Jr. 1 x 10″ combo amp
(1) Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MK1 Stage electric piano
(1) Fender Squier ’51 electric guitar in sunburst finish
(1) Fender Standard Telecaster in arctic white finish w/ Lindy Fralin Blues Special pickups
(1) Gallien-Krueger 100G 1 x 12″ combo amp
(1) Hammond S-6 chord organ
(1) Korg DSS1 sampler/synth
(1) Korg microKORG synth
(1) Kustom “tuck & roll” 100c-8 4 x 8″ combo amp
(1) LP Aspire 8″ & 6 3/4″ Bongos
(1) M. Schulz Piano Co. vintage (1904) upright grand piano
(1) Magnasync Moviola URS “Squawk Box” 4″ combo amp w/ custom mods by Trace @ Voodoo Amps
(1) Music Man 100RP amp head
(1) Numark DXM09 DJ mixer
(1) Pork Pie Little Squealer 13 x 7″ black satin over maple snare
(1) Rane Serato SL1
(1) Rogers R-360 (late 1970’s) 14 x 5 1/2″ chrome over brass snare
(1) St. Blues King Blues Custom PJ bass guitar in black finish
(2) Technics SL-1200mkII turntables
(1) Toca Synergy 12 x 24″ Djembe
(1) Vox Custom Classic V212BN 2 x 12″ cabinet
(1) Wuhan 12″ china cymbal
(1) Wuhan 14″ china cymbal
(1) Wuhan 8″ splash cymbal
(1) Wuhan 10″ splash cymbal
(1) Yamaha M06 synth
(1) Yamaha S90 synth
(1) Yamaha SK-30 analog synth/organ
(1) Yamaha Stage Custom 14 x 5 1/2″ cranberry red snare
(1) Yamaha Stage Custom 10 x 8″ cranberry red tom
(1) Yamaha Stage Custom 12 x 9″ cranberry red tom
(1) Yamaha Stage Custom 16 x 16″ cranberry red floor tom
(1) Yamaha Stage Custom 22 x 17″ cranberry red kick drum
(1) Zildjian A Custom 14″ hi hats
(1) Zildjian A Custom 18″ fast crash cymbal
(1) Zildjian A Custom 20″ projection ride cymbal
(1) Zildjian A Custom 8″ splash cymbal
(1) Zildjian A Custom 10″ splash cymbal
(1) Zildjian A New Beat (late 1960’s) 14″ hi hats
+ the box of goodies (heads, picks, shakers, sticks, strings, woodpeckers, etc, etc, etc…)

Studio Extras
Lounge w/ TV & Xbox 360
An awesome media & game library
Coffee Machine (bring your own choice of brews)
Refrigerator (well stocked)
The studio is also in very close proximity to a few grocery stores, convenience stores/gas stations, an ABC store & various restaurants. We are also in range of popular food-delivery services (ex. Postmates, Foodie, etc...).